Recent Podcasting Tips

Ultimate Guide to Podcasting with Video

Podcasting with video is quickly transforming what it means to be a podcaster. Once a strictly audio-only medium, podcasting is growing to include visual podcasts. And some podcasts are quickly gaining new subscribers and seeing massive growth by having video podcasts on YouTube. So, why not join them? By going to podcasting with video, you […]

Ultimate Guide to Creating the Best Podcast Intro and Outro

You spent so much time and energy getting the name of you podcast just right. And every week you are pouring everything you have into the content of each episode. But what about your podcast intro? My podcast intro, you ask? That’s right. How much time do you put into those first few minutes of […]

How to create the best podcast website with free templates

Once you have your podcast up and running, now it’s time to focus on the next step for growing your show. And that is creating the best podcast website to accompany your podcast. It sounds easy. However, just like when you started your idea of a podcast, choosing your podcast template is going to take […]

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