How to create the best podcast website with free templates

How to create the best podcast website with free templates

Once you have your podcast up and running, now it’s time to focus on the next step for growing your show. And that is creating the best podcast website to accompany your podcast.

It sounds easy. However, just like when you started your idea of a podcast, choosing your podcast template is going to take a lot of thought.

Creating the best podcast website cannot be rushed. It has to be thought out and it must look like an organic extension of your podcast.

And here are some of the best podcast templates available that will help make your podcast website look attractive and be useful to your audience.

Why Do I Need a Podcast Website?

If podcasts are an audio medium, why would you need a website which is visual? Simple. It’s another way to connect to your audience and for new listeners to discover you.

You can only say so much on a podcast. And you don’t want to sound repetitive. On your podcast website, you can have dedicated pages to who you are, what the show is about, and previous episodes. This way, you don’t have to waste time in each episode repeating the same thing. It gets old to your listeners.

And on many podcast websites, podcasters will make transcripts of each episode available. Not only does this help grow your audience, but transcripts are a great way for your website to rank high in SEO (search engine optimization).

But most importantly, creating the best podcast website for your show helps you enormously to monetize your show. You can have links to products and services mentioned in your episodes or sell your own materials related to the show. And it’s easier to point your listeners to your own website to find all the products you mentioned rather than mentioning tons of other websites.

What to Look for in a Podcast Template?

Though many podcast website templates say they are designed specifically for podcasts, they are not all created the same.

You have to consider what you need your website to do for you. And then analyze each template you like for the following:

  • How easy is it to customize the template (including layout and colors)?
  • Can multiple media file types be embedded on the site?
  • How good is the media player?
  • What special podcast features does the template include?
  • What podcast plugins will I use and does the template accommodate them?
  • What is the rating of the template and what do the reviews say?
  • What does the theme cost?

These are some of the things you need to consider and ask yourself when you are making your shortlist of possible podcast website templates to use.

If you are unsure of what to even look for, visit the websites of some of your favorite podcasters. What do their sites look like? What features do they have? Which ones did you find useful? With these podcast website examples, you can start to formulate what your podcast website will look like.

Free WordPress Themes

If you are still unsure of starting a podcast website, or maybe you’re on a very tight budget, then starting with a free theme may be the way to go. There’s no cost to you to use the theme. Perfect.

But, because the theme is free, you can expect the design to be a little more basic and the options for customization to be very limited. But you never know, what you may be looking for may cost you nothing at all.


This free WordPress theme was designed specifically for podcasters, YouTubers, radio hosts, etc. to allow for easy placement of audio and video files.

There’s not a whole lot of options with this theme besides having seven built-in colors to choose from and where you want the sidebar to appear. It’s basic but highly serviceable.


The nice feature about this free WordPress podcast theme is that it is extremely quick loading and lightweight so your followers won’t be bored waiting for your page to load.

Podcaster also has a very clean and minimal appearance keeping the whole page simple. Yet, with a large page-width photo, can be very eye-catching at the same time.


This elegant free theme may be minimal in appearance but it does contain a lot of great options for you to play with. These include featured content, featured slider, sticky playlist, portfolio, testimonials, and more. And all of these you can customize to give you the best podcast website you are wanting.

And, the Euphony theme is completely responsive and compatible with all browsers.


This fully responsive theme focuses on ease of use and readability for viewers on tablets and phones. Additionally, it has a number of features including four widget areas, 50+ social media icons, and a completely customizable header section for email list building.

The design is simple and clean but with a modern look and feel.

Paid WordPress Themes

But if you are looking to create the best podcast website possible out of the gate, then you need to consider splurging some for a fully compatible theme that really gives you everything you need. And everything you want.

Satchmo – $69

Satchmo was created for podcasters with podcasting in mind. For a start, the theme can support an embedded media player from any of the main podcast hosting sites. And it also supports many of the most popular podcasting plugins.

Yes, the theme is wildly customizable. Not only do you have a full range of colors to pick from, but there are 900 fonts, too! And it’s easy to customize so you don’t need technical support to get your podcast website up and running.

And when it comes to the visitor experience, the site is fully responsive and can be translated into any language. Plus, it is optimized for page speed and search engine optimization (SEO).

Dixie – $69

Another popular theme for podcasting that was designed especially for podcasters is Dixie. This theme supports embedded media players from the top podcast hosting sites as well as external MP3 files. It also has a featured audio player that can be placed anywhere on your site. And, it easily works with the latest podcasting plugins.

And you have so much choice when it comes to designing the look of your best podcast website with Dixie. The options seem limitless. There are multiple options for displaying your podcast episode list. Not only can the entire color scheme of the theme be customized, but you can tweak basically every feature on the site to truly make it your own.

Additionally, the theme is built for SEO and speed and is fully responsive.

Castpod – $45

Castpod gives you complete control over your podcast and website with its easy to use features. And its high-quality resolution is compatible with all browsers. Yet it’s simple enough to navigate on the backend for anyone to make changes, that you can view in real time, to the website design without needing any technical support.

And one of the best features of Castpod is that it comes with a migration tool that easily lets you transfer your podcast using RSS feed and placing it on the site.

If you are looking to create the best podcast website for monetization purposes, Castpod is supported by WooCommerce so you can instantly start selling products on your site.

Castilo – $45

With its clean design, Castilo is an affordable option for creating the best podcast website. The overall feel is professional and sleek. The main graphic helps to stylize the landing page and build brand awareness.

And it makes it super easy to import external RSS feed so there’s no need to sweat posting new episodes to the website. You can also live preview any changes made to the site from color to header. Plus, this podcast website template was designed for speed optimization so you don’t have to worry about any site lags with visitors.

Sonus – $49

Designed by actual podcasters, Sonus is another low-cost option that gives you good value for your money. It has a simple yet attractive design that works well with many podcast plugins operating at the same time. But it is limited to what you can customize.

The star of the Sonus template is its custom player with its many options for listeners. You can easily move from episode to episode on the player without clicking to or through other pages, adjust the playing speed, and easily share the content with a simple click.

Audioarto – $59

If you ever wanted to try streaming a podcast live, you can do so on Audioarte. On this podcast website template, it now has the ability to do live streaming. And there’s a dedicated page just playing back audio.

With its chic design, you have four different layout choices to pick from. And all layouts have the option of having the primary color changed. The template is supported by MailChimp making it easy for you to get people to sign up for your newsletter.

And, if you are looking for ways to make money with your best podcast website, Audioarto is supported by WooCommerce so starting your online shop is quite simple.

Megabyte – $59

What’s unique about this podcast website template, it that it uses a drag and drop page builder feature to manage your entire website. There is absolutely no need for coding. And it easily supports external RSS feeds.

And even though it is extremely tablet and mobile device friendly, Megabyte features a front-page slider. But how the template looks overall is up to you with the unlimited colors available and different fonts.

Best podcast website

WPcast – $56

Using WPcast, you can publish your podcast in seconds as it comes to Apple and Google podcast ready. And, you can really get noticed with its nonstop audio player with playlist.

But its unique feature is its series cards. For each podcast, you can create a beautiful series card that outlines each of your episodes. And you can format an automatic slideshow with an audio player.

And there are four different versions of this podcast website template that you can choose from, each with a different layout. Even better, each template can be designed to your liking including color and font.

Finally, the weight and speed for WPcast are very light meaning that you can expect premium performance and higher rankings on search engines.

Bolden – $69

If you have more than one podcast, you can easily display each one on the Bolden podcast website template. And, you have several layout options to quickly display each of your podcasts (even a carousel) as well as the episodes for each.

And you are in full control with how your podcast’s website looks, from the colors to the fonts. You even decide on where you want to feature your audio player and video display. Even all the features available on the template can be formulated to just how you want it to be.

Using Bolden is very easy. And in the end, you have the best podcast website to represent your show.

Audonic  – $56

Designed for podcasts, Audonic puts your podcast front and center on your podcast website’s home page where visitors can easily listen or download episodes. And, if you are also doing blog posts to support your podcast, your latest posts will also feature on the homepage.

However, this podcast template is limited in what you can customize. It has a dark or light theme plus a light or dark player. And you can upload your own logo but you are limited on font choices.

SoundByte – $59

Though Soundbyte is very responsive and translates well to mobile devices, it is lacking in its ability for customization. So, you really need to love the look of the podcast website template before committing.

But the template does have a feature slider, is easily translated into many languages, SEO optimized and is highly responsive. And, it is simple to add an external RSS feed to the site.

As with most anything in life, there are options when it comes to creating your best podcast website. What podcast website template you choose depends on so many factors.

And because of this, it is best that you start with a clear idea of what you want your website to look like.  Do you need a particular color or font? Or is there a service the website must be able to do?

Without having some of these answers, it is going to be even harder to decide on your podcast website design. And with so many podcasting websites out there, you want your podcast website design to stand out.

And with these podcast website examples above, you certainly can create one of the best podcast websites out there.



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