10 Ways to Create a Stunning Podcast Cover Art

10 Ways to Create a Stunning Podcast Cover Art

People may try a new podcast based upon word of mouth or a recommendation from a friend. But most podcasts are found from just browsing directories. And how are the shows chosen? Simple. People were drawn in by the podcast cover art.

In fact, the best podcast cover art lures listeners in. And it isn’t just one part of the artwork that brings in listeners. It is because all the components on the podcast artwork work together to perfectly tell a story about the podcast.

To help you create a podcast logo that will attract listeners, here are 10 ways to create great podcast cover art.

Why Spend A Lot of Time on Podcast Cover Art?

You’ve spent a lot of time perfecting your podcast, from formatting to editing. But, now it’s time to focus on the visual part of your podcast, your podcast cover art. Why?

Imagine you’re browsing in a bookstore. You see an attractive cover and you pick up the book. Finding a podcast works in the same way. Even though it is an auditory medium, podcasting still depends on visuals to attract listeners.

On any of the podcast directories, there are rows of podcasts to choose from, both on the home page and for specific categories. How do you pick one? Even if you have the most incredible podcast, listeners are not going to know you at first.

So, you have to draw them in. Attract them. Make them curious to take a listen. And you do that with your podcast cover art.

10 Ways to Create a Great Podcast Cover Art

Creating the best podcast cover art involves several components that you must address. Each one helps to inform potential listeners about who you are, what your show is about, and its tone. And, it is all about finding that perfect balance of each to create the best podcast cover art.

Showcase Your Main Topic

At its core, what is your podcast about? And don’t only think about the subject, but how you approach the subject. Is your approach serious, tongue-in-cheek, or laid back? Before starting on your podcast cover art, make sure you clearly define your subject and tone in just a few words.

And, that is what you need to communicate to listeners visually. Not only that, but you need to marry the subject and tone into one eye-catching, attention-grabbing podcast logo. And it is that logo that will define you and your podcast’s topic.

So, don’t rush into creating a logo thinking you can always go back and improve it later on. You must get your logo as close to right on the first go. As soon as you publish your show on various podcast directories, millions of listeners will be seeing your cover art.

Remember, you only have one chance to create a great first impression.

Choose Your Main Graphic Carefully

If you are using a graphic, find one that fits with your definition of your podcast subject and tone. You can find different stylings of nearly every object on the planet. Which is right for you?

But stay away from images that are repeatedly used, especially in your genre. You want your podcast cover art to stand out, not blend in. Before picking a graphic, take the time to do some research. See what others in your category are using. It helps to take a tally of the popular images so you can avoid using them.

And, unless your podcast is about podcasting, avoid using a microphone in your podcast cover art. It’s the go-to image for most podcasters. But your podcast logo needs to tell your audience what your show is about, not what medium it is.

Use Yourself

Or, instead of a graphic, don’t be afraid to use yourself as part of your podcast cover art. Your face can be the face of your podcast. But, only consider this if it makes sense. If your podcast involves reading a short play, for example, using your face may not make sense.

But, if the podcast is about your ideas and opinions and it is just you talking, then this option may work. But, make sure that you feel comfortable with putting your face out there as it will be seen by millions.

Attention-Grabbing Color

Take a look at any selection of podcast cover art. The ones that immediately catch your eye probably are ones with vibrant colors. Bright colors attract the eye while muted colors are passed over. So, choosing the right attention-grabbing color for your podcast logo design is crucial.

And, you need to pick colors that contrast each other. This will help your image and fonts stand out even more and catch the eye of listeners.


But how do you pick contrasting colors? The easiest way to use a color wheel. Using the color you want to use most, find it on the wheel and whichever color is directly opposite is that color’s contrasting mate.

To make it simple, you can use this color wheel tool from Canva.

Pick a Font

Your font needs to convey the tone of your show. There are hundreds of fonts available. Some are elegant while others replicate handwriting. Is your show set or about a specific period of time? If so, find a font that speaks to that era. If your show is about surviving outdoors, a delicate font probably won’t work.

Since there are a lot of options, make a list of the fonts you like and that you think properly reflect your podcast. Then, see how your podcast name looks in each font. Which do you like? But whichever you pick, make sure that the text is easily readable.

Additionally, keep it simple and stick with two fonts, at most, for your podcast cover art. Your main font is for the title and then use a second font for the subheading if necessary. Having a large array of fonts not only makes the artwork look messy, but your message will be confusing for listeners.

Keep the Text Minimal

When looking at podcast directories, you probably noticed how small the artwork for each podcast is. Yet, you could probably still read over 90% of them. And that’s because those shows kept the text to a minimum in their podcast logo design.

Avoid using too many words, ideally no more than five words. And that means you need to pick your words carefully. When you are using a very limited amount of words, you need to make each one count.

Leave Space Around the Edges

Don’t go overboard and try to jam everything you can into your podcast cover art. It will be cluttered and hard to read. To help avoid that, make sure you leave some free space around the edges.

And, this will also help keep the main part of your podcast cover art intact should any podcast directory unintentionally trim your artwork.

Be Consistent

You and your podcast are more than just the podcast. You are also a website and a presence on social media. So, you need to make sure that you are consistent across all platforms in what you present to your audience. Not only does it make you look extremely professional, but it helps make sure that your audience knows who you are and what you are about.

So, the logo of your podcast needs to match what is on your website or on all your social media accounts. One message. Easily identifiable. That is what you need to have across all platforms.

Properly Size your Artwork

Once you have your podcast album art completed, you need to make sure that it is properly sized so it will be accepted for podcast directories.

The golden standard to format your podcast album art is by what Apple Podcasts require. And their current requirements are a minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels, 72 dpi, in JPEG or PNG format with appropriate file extensions (. jpg, .png). Here is more information on iTunes Podcast Best Practices.

It’s also a good idea to compress your images to make it easier to be seen on mobile devices. Remember, depending on the device and page being viewed, your podcast logo is going to appear in various sizes.

To make sure that your final podcast cover art looks good regardless of the size before you finalize the design, try resizing your artwork to 55 x 55 pixels. If your logo looks clean and is easy to read, then you are good. If your logo looks messy and unclear at that small size, it’s best to go back to simplify and redesign.

And, it is also smart to keep several different sizes and formats of your podcast logo on hand just in case. It is always harder to go back and resize rather than have something handy for easy submission.

Artwork that Can be Repurposed

Now that you have taken all this time to carefully plan out and create your podcast cover art, don’t think that it can only be used as podcast album art. Quite the contrary.

You can easily take your artwork and use it in many different places. If you are looking to create a banner ad to advertise your podcast, why create something from scratch. Use your podcast cover art. It can be used as your account avatar on your social media accounts. Or, on your business cards.

Though you may need to resize the artwork, it is a lot easier than designing something from scratch. And it does not have to be exactly duplicated. Depending on what you are using the artwork for, you can modify it perhaps by removing some text. But, even with minor changes, you will be consistent in your branding.

Best Podcast Artwork Creator

So, now you know what makes a great podcast album cover, how do you actually create a podcast logo? You have two options: design your logo yourself using a podcast artwork creator or hire a graphic designer to do it for you.

Create a Podcast Logo using Canva

If you want to give creating your podcast logo design yourself, you can do so using Canva. Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows you to create logos for multiple platforms. And it is the perfect tool for designing your podcast logo.

The free version of Canva gives you access to hundreds of fonts, shapes, backgrounds, and photos. And, you can even upload your images to use in your graphics. And, you have the option to purchase additional photos for use for as low as $1.

There is also a paid version of Canva that costs $12.95 a monthly. This gives you access to more fonts, graphics, shapes, etc. But it also allows you to create transparent backgrounds for images making it easier to use in different places.

To get started on your podcast art, first, you will need to create an account on Canva. Then, you can either use the ‘album cover’ or ‘marketing’ templates to create your podcast album art. Or, to make sure that your artwork is the correct size, you can create your own dimension and use at least 1700 x 1700 px.


From there, you can have fun experimenting with different layouts, fonts, colors, etc. You may even want to create several options for your podcast cover art. And then you can ask friends and family which they like best.

Canva is extremely easy to use and is a great option for creating professional-looking podcast artwork if you are on a tight budget when starting your podcast.

Create a Podcast Logo Using a Graphic Designer

But, if the thought of being visually artistic scares you, you don’t have to worry about it. Instead, you can always hire a freelance graphic designer to create your podcast art for you.

Though it may not be the budget-friendly option, you can be assured that you will get a refined and professional looking podcast logo design that has all the technical requirements.

Before you start looking for a graphic designer, it’s best to have an idea in your mind about what your logo will look like. Or, at least, what you want your logo to convey. Then, head over to 99designs or Fiverr and see what graphic designers are available.

Most will have a portfolio available so you can see what type of work they do. If possible, look for one that has done podcast cover art previously. Then, you can pitch your project to them and see if they are interested. Or, you can put your job on those sites and then let the graphic designers pitch to you. It’s up to you.

It is odd that such an audible industry is dependent on visuals to gain subscriptions. But that is the way of it. So, you really need to put in a lot of thought about your podcast cover art. Remember, it is a listener’s first introduction to you and your show.

The best podcast artwork not only grabs the listener’s attention, but it immediately says everything about your show. That is your goal, and we have just shown you how to achieve that. So, start thinking about your podcast logo now and have fun with the creative process!


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