Top Podcast Directories to Get More Listeners for Your Show

Top Podcast Directories to Get More Listeners for Your Show

You have recorded the first few episodes of your podcast. Congratulations!

Part of your launch plan may be to announce your podcast on social media. Or, even ask friends and family to spread the word. Yes, these tactics should be a part of your launch plan. But, to get in front of the global audience, you also need to be listed on podcast directories.

Every business needs publicity, and nothing is better than free publicity. And, even if you are starting your podcast as a hobby, who is to say that it won’t grow into a business. But you will never get there if you don’t have listeners for your podcast.

Though you may be using social media to attract listeners, you cannot underestimate the power of a podcast directory. Millions of listeners around the world use these directories to discover new podcasts. And, many of them are completely free for podcasters to publish their podcast on. That is just too good to pass up.

Why Do I Need to Submit to Podcast Directories?

Even if you have a website to accompany your podcast, you are dependent on Google search for listeners to find your podcast. And, well, that will take too long for your website to move up the search rankings. Who has time for that?

So, to quickly gain an audience, you need to submit your podcast to a directory. Sorry, you need to submit your podcast to multiple directories. Yes, multiple directories.

And, that is because you do not know where your audience is going to be. What is their preferred podcast directory? Yes, iTunes or Spotify may be the largest directories, but there are plenty of potential listeners who may not use those apps. They prefer someplace else. And, you want to be able to get your podcast in front as many people as possible. And, you want to make it extremely easy for listeners to find you.

Free Podcast Directories

So, if you are looking as to where to submit your podcast, here are the top podcast directories where you can submit your podcast for free. And, again, as these are free, you should make sure your podcast is listed in as many of these podcast directories as possible.


Besides being a podcast hosting platform, Anchor automatically distributes your podcast to many of the top podcast directories including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and RadioPublic. So, it takes away the work from you and does everything automatically. Though it may take a few days for your podcast to appear on these directories, it frees up your time.

To get started on Anchor, all you need to do is create a free account. And once at your dashboard, you can start uploading your episodes. Yes, your actual episodes as Anchor will create your RSS feed.

Apple Podcasts

If there is one verified leader in online entertainment, it is Apple’s iTunes. And the best part is that iTunes is also one of the top podcast directories available. So, the audience’s potential is massive. And, that’s why you want to submit your podcast on iTunes.

Another reason to submit your podcast to iTunes is that other podcast directories require you to use your iTunes URL for submission. So, iTunes is also your ticket to other directories.

Best of all, it costs you nothing to put your podcast on iTunes. That’s right. It’s free! And the submission process couldn’t be easier.

After creating an iTunes account, go to the iTunes Podcasts Connect portal. To submit a new show in your directory, click on the “+” on the page. Then, enter your RSS feed and validate it. If no issues are found, then you click submit and wait for approval from iTunes. You will receive an email from iTunes once your podcast is approved anywhere between 24 hours and two weeks from submission.


The social podcast app, Breaker is one of the top podcast directories that is 100% free to use for podcasters. And not only is it free, but it gives you the complete package. Unlimited listeners, shows, and episodes all for free.

With Breaker’s analytics, you can easily how many downloads, likes, comments, and listens each episode receives for free. And, you even get a customizable website to go with your podcast. Then each time you publish a new episode, your website automatically updates, too. So, there is no difficult code or links to work with.

You even have the option on Breaker Upstream for listeners to purchase individual episodes or a subscription that includes bonus content.

To submit your podcast on Breaker, download the app on your phone. If you cannot find your podcast on Breaker, you can easily add it to their library with the link to your RSS feed. And that’s all you need to be on Breaker, the app, and your RSS feed.


Another amazing podcast directory to add your podcast is Castbox. And, it’s free for both podcasters and listeners. And its popularity can be measured by having over 2 billion downloads.

All it takes to get your podcast on Castbox is three easy steps. First, you need to create an account and sign in. Next, under the “Channels” tab, go to the Creator Studio and click the “Claim Ownership” button. A pop-up window will appear, and you paste in your RSS feed and email address and press submit.

Then, you look for the email from Castbox where you can confirm your ownership of the podcast. Once confirmed, you can add your social media accounts to your podcast listing. And, that’s it. Then your podcast is added to the Castbox directory for all audiences to find you.


Another free place where you can submit your podcast is Chartable. At 2 billion downloads, Chartable is more than just a podcast directory. It also provides podcasters with helpful analytics that help publishers grow their audiences.

To submit your podcast on Chartable, you must first be on Apple as the directory is only able to rank shows in Apple’s directory. And, you will need iTunes URL. Once you have that, go to Chartable and submit the URL. It’s that easy.


A rival to Spotify, Deezer is one of the top podcast directories that you need to be listed on. Though Deezer offers different subscription plans to its listeners, ranging from free to $15 a month, it is completely free for podcasters to publish their podcasts.

To do so, you submit your RSS feed URL on this page. Next, you need to fill in information about your podcast including contact information, title of show, and genre. And once you click submit, that is it. You will then be able to be found by the million users of Deezer.

Google Podcasts

With Google Podcasts, listeners can easily find their favorite podcasts to listen to for free. Combined with its search engine capabilities, it is one of the top podcast directories to be listed on.

In order to get your podcast on Google, you need to create an RSS feed URL that you get from your podcast hosting site. Next, you will need to have a dedicated homepage/website for your podcast. Depending on which hosting site you choose, this feature is included for free in most plans. Lastly, your podcast will need to be indexed. If you do not have a website, you can also request that Google indexes your RSS feed. After the completion of these steps, you should see your podcast appear within a week.

Again, by being on Google Podcasts, potential listeners can find you via Google search, Google Podcasts, Google Home, and Android Auto.

iHeart Podcast

One of the top podcast directories is iHeart Radio, which is a free broadcast, podcast, and streaming radio platform. Not only is iHeart free for listeners, but it is also free for podcasters. And with a global audience, iHeart is an ideal directory for you to list your podcast.

And to submit your podcast on iHeart, all you need to do is to complete a simple form that requires your show’s title and RSS feed. You can submit your podcast here.

Listen Notes

Listen Notes is different from other podcast directories as it operates as a search engine. Think of it as Google dedicated to podcasts. And their catalog is quite comprehensive.

If you want to add your podcast to their directory, all you need is your Apple iTunes URL. Once you have that, you can submit the URL via this form on Listen Notes.


A free and easy-to-use podcast player, Overcast has been operating for over five years. It is both free for both listeners and publishers. And as a publisher, Overcast does nothing to your podcast. It simply takes your RSS feed and quickly downloads episodes for listeners.

And, there is nothing you need to do to submit your podcast for Overcast. As soon as you are accepted by Apple Podcasts, your podcast will appear on Overcast within 1 – 2 days.


With 64 million monthly listeners, Pandora Podcast is one of the top podcast directories. And, it is free to submit your podcast on the directory. But you do need a Pandora account (free to sign-up).

Once you have your account, the first step is to submit your RSS feed URL for consideration. If you are approved, your podcast will appear on Pandora. And, future published episodes will automatically upload.

After approval, you will need to answer a few questions about your show which helps Pandora classify your show for searches and recommendations.

Pocket Casts

With over 300k podcasts listed, Pocket Casts is one of the top podcast directories to get noticed. This powerful podcast player is free to use for both listeners and podcasters.

And, submitting your podcast is extremely simple. All you need to do enter your RSS feed URL into this form Then check that it is public so your podcast will appear in searches. Once submitted, it may take up to 12 hours for your podcast to appear in Pocket Casts’ index.


Podbean is one of the biggest top podcast directories. And, it is also one of the top podcast hosting platforms. If you choose to host your podcast with Podbean, your podcast automatically appears on the apps directory.

But, if you are hosting your podcast elsewhere, you can still list your podcast on Podbean for free. To do this, you need to create an account. Once you have an account, you can easily submit your podcast URL for distribution on Podbean. And once your podcast is up on the app, it will automatically update as you add more episodes.

Podcast Addict

For Android users, Podcast Addict is the #1 podcast directory app with over 2 billion episodes downloaded. And, it’s free to use for both publishers and listeners.

And getting your podcast onto Podcast Addict is really easy.  All you need to do is enter your podcast’s RSS feed URL into this form, and done. And it takes up to 24 hours for your podcast to appear in Podcast Addict’s directory.

Radio Public

Podcast listeners love going to Radio Public as it allows them to easily download episodes, stream content without downloading, and discover new podcasts. And that is why you should make sure that your podcast appears on their directory.

And, it is free to add your podcast to Radio Public’s directory. To link your podcast, you need to verify that you own your podcast using this form. Once verified, your podcast will be in their directory.

As an added bonus, you will also get a free embed player for your website if you do not already have one.


If you are looking at to where to submit your podcast, look no further than Spotify. The second-largest podcast directory in the world, Spotify is the place to be. With over 250 million listeners in over 75 countries, your potential for audience growth is limitless.

And, it costs you nothing to list your podcast on Spotify. Additionally, Spotify gives publishers access to analytics so you know who your audience is and which episodes are performing the best.

To get started, you need to create an account on Spotify. Then you just past your podcast’s RSS feed URL, and add information about your podcast including category, language, and country. After reviewing, just press submit.

If you notice that your podcast is already on Spotify, you will need to claim it. Again, you need to create an account and enter the link to your podcast’s RSS feed. Then, you will receive an email with a code that you will need to paste back into Spotify. Again, very easy.


Another great place where to submit your podcast is Stitcher. It makes is truly easy for listeners to access their favorite podcasts both on their app as well as their desktop site and car players. And, it is free for publishers to get their podcast into Stitcher’s directory.

To being, you must have an account with Stitcher. Once you have an account, to be listed on Stitcher, all you need to do is submit your podcast’s RSS feed URL.


With over 75 million active listeners, TuneIn is one podcast directory that you will definitely want your podcast to be listed on.

Though it is free to get to your podcast into TuneIn’s directory, it is not an instant process like other podcast directories. What you need to do is to complete this form, which asks you for the title of your show, RSS feed URL, category, and website address among other items.

Once the form is completed, click on “send email” at the bottom, and then you have to wait until your podcast appears on the app.

Podcast Directories with Pay Plans

But there are some podcast submission sites that have monthly plans that will cost you. If you are just starting out with your first podcast, you may want to stay with the free podcast directories as it will keep costs down while you work on monetizing your podcast.

For those who have had their podcast airing for a while and are looking for additional ways to grow, these are podcast directories that you may want to consider being listed on.


One of the largest world’s podcast directories, Acast can get your podcast in front of millions. With Acast you get unlimited hosting and distribution for your podcast as well as advanced analytics so you can better understand your audience.

And with Acast ads, you can easily match your podcast with different brands giving you an opportunity to monetize your podcast. This podcast directory even allows you to choose when ads are scheduled during an episode.

To submit your podcast to Acast, all you need is your RSS feed which is generated from your podcast hosting platform. And that is it. Super easy.

To use Acast, it does cost $14.99 a month (with an annual plan). But that includes access to advanced analytics, a customizable website, and unlimited episodes and downloads.


Spreaker is not only one of the top podcast directories out there, but it is also a top podcast hosting site. If you use Spreaker to host your podcast, your podcast will automatically appear in its directory.

But, if you use another host, you can still import your podcast to appear in Spreaker’s podcast directory. All you need to do this is the link to your podcast’s RSS feed.

The downside to adding your podcast to Spreaker, is that to create an account, you need to register with a plan. The basic plan that allows you to add your podcast costs $7 a month.

Well, now you know the top podcast directories where you can find an audience for your podcast. You cannot underestimate the importance of these apps for the success of your podcast.

The more places where people can discover your podcast, the more subscribers you will get allowing your podcast to grow. And, when you begin to grow, you can look at monetizing your podcast setting you on the path to earning money.

So, get your podcast out there!







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