Lesson 1: Using Video Audio Graphics to share your podcast episodes


In this lesson, we will discuss how to use Headliner and Canva to create audio and video graphics to market your show.

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Lesson 2: Plugging on IG


In this lesson, Instagram expert Andrea Valeria will share Unicorn Marketing Techniques that will help you share your podcast episodes and services.

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Lesson 3: Getting Featured in Publications


In this lesson, PR pro Kristin Marquet shares unique strategies to get noticed and get published in large publications to build your authority.

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Lesson 4: Email Marketing for Podcasting


In this lesson, we will be covering how to grow your email list using your podcast.

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Lesson 5: Building Your Launch Crew


In this lesson, we will be covering how to gain massive growth by learning how to build your launch crew team.

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Lesson 6: Clubhouse for Podcasting


In this lesson, CLubhouse Expert Molly Ho will be sharing her tips on how she has been able to promote her podcast effectively and create massive income from Clubhouse!

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email: info@howtocreateapodcast.com
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